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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Prelude: The Key

The concept of this blog is simple - this is where I put nearly all pictures of all places I've been, since my primary is a blog of 1 photo per entry concept. But obviously I did not publish all photos in every entry or I might be ending up my 365 day in a year just publishing photos of two or three places or events only. And because of that, I still have so many unpublished photos kept inside my hard disk.

There will be less frequent updates on this blog, because I don't go travel or to events every day. And the photos in this blog will be posted in a lower resolution and smaller in size compared to what I do in Simply because there will be many photos - more than 10 in every entries - thus wasting your time waiting for the blog to fully load is that last thing I want.

So, this is for you, my friends who still want to see the remaining unpublished photos of places or events I've been. Thank you.

I Love You.



Aku said... [Reply]

Is that a key or glasses?

norh said... [Reply]

thank you GB :)

Daddy Ziyyad said... [Reply]

I like!!!! My photoblog is in mogok mode, for the moment..hehehe

al-lavendari said... [Reply]

bagus juga idea ini .. sila tarik perhatian uncle/bloggers yang lain bila ada entry baru.

nyanyisunyi said... [Reply]

tahniah..memang sgt menarik..

Azira Mohamad said... [Reply]

TQ GB. After this i can enjoy the pictures taken by u.

Rajinnya awk. sy blog yg satu tu pun tak 'terjaga'..thehehehe