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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My City Kuala Lumpur - Part 5

(All photos in this entry are captured using Lumix GF3)


Continued from here...

We had been walking for a few hundred meters already and yes we were 'brilliant' for not bringing even a bottle of plain water for ourselves. And now we were extremely thirsty and dehydrated, and the only water we found was in a dried up pond colonized by water lettuces (Pistia stratiotes). Great.

But before we continued our search for water, we stopped at a garden just nearby Jalan Parlimen, hoping to find some wonders...

Does 'Eutrophication' reflects on this photo?

Seriously I don't know the name of this climbing flower. Would someone help me please? 

Red Button Ginger (Costus woodsonii)

Paper Plant (Cyperus papyrus)

Wooden pergola with duit-duit (Pyrrosia piloselloides) creeping on it. 

Waterlily (Nymphaea cultivars) in a euwwww pond

Sadly, the garden is not very well maintained making the overall look, including the plants and garden furniture, were not really pleasant to look at. 

Thus, we continued walking until we saw the signage below, and felt excited about it because it means that water is just nearby!

A signboard at the junction of Taman Tasik Perdana showing places of interest in Kuala Lumpur

A giant Birds' Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus) at Jalan Cenderasari. Just a little bit more....

Yes! Finally! Eating place!
And quickly ordered lin chi kang to quench our thirst. 
And it was refreshing!!! Ok, let me finish the lin chi kang first and I will bring you to another places. Daaa... be continued...

~End of part 5~


telor power said... [Reply]

........tinggalkan jejak kejap.nanti dtg balik eh

Dinas Aldi said... [Reply]

Tak bleh tahan kalau dahaga, boleh bunuh orang punya, haha! Err itu akak la, bukan dik GB, ok :)

Love the photos, dik.

Aku said... [Reply]

gambar terakhir itu penyedap selera.....

telor power said... [Reply]

teratai purple....1st time i saw it. i tot lotus only got in pink kaler...

mana jumpa pokok teratai tu GB. mcm nak shoot jer pokok teratai tu

afzan said... [Reply]

where we going next? :P

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

telor power: sila sila...

Dinas Aldi: tengkiu kak. nasib baik takde kaktus kat situ. kalau tak mau semua kene pancung.

Aku: mkn tgh panas mmg superb....

telor power: kt byk tempat boleh jumpa. tp jgn silap, itu bukan lotus. spesis lain dah tu...

afzan: national monument. :D