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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My City Kuala Lumpur - Part 7

(All photos in this entry are captured using Lumix GF3)


Continued from here...

Behind the wall, we found a monument. But not the National Monument yet.

Well, sometimes I lost all words to tell. So let these pictures speak!

1. The monument in a vertical shaped structure as a remembrance 'To Our Glorious Dead'. It  is surrounded by reflective pool so I believe the reflection at the right time will make it looks more 'glorious'.
Another visit soon, perhaps at night?

2. Circular structure with a dome on top. Built in between of the vertical monument and the great National Monument.

3. I wasn't trying to go in. So I was not sure whether visitors can go pass this gate or not.
Can you see the monument behind?

4. The pathway to gloriness. The square plats on the ceiling are Air Force plats from many countries.

5. Golden yellow and black always a winning combination. These colours can create a classy feeling and with the right material, the dullness of black can be transformed into elegance.

6. The repetition of shapes 

7. A well maintained garden with vertical domination of Areca catechu (Pokok Pinang) on a crisp clean turfed land

8. Plumeria pudica (Bridal Bouquet) is white, beautiful and lightly scented. This species makes a nice twist apart from its other Plumeria spp. cousins, fitting the character of a memorial garden

9. The star of the show. Written on it are these words:
'Dedicated to the heroic fighters in the cause of peace and freedom. May the blessing of Allah be upon them'.

10. Surrounded by pool and fountains...and 'lush' greens~

11. One of my favourite shots. 

12. I can feel that sometimes I can be a bit patriotic.
I waited under the blazing sun with the camera ready to capture the monument with our Jalur Gemilang proudly open up and show off! Thank you wind!

13. In front of the rifle!

14. Another fountain with steel lotuses surrounding it.

15. Locked? Or unlocked?
I always adore anything rustic and old. Or even if it reminds me of something I loved, like the old-car-wheel-like gate opener, I'd simply love it!

16. From another angle

17. I'd really like to see this place at night. Perhaps sometime soon.

18. Cute couple walking towards the National Monument

19. National Monument - A brief history

After that, we headed back downhill, towards the souvenir shop. For info, there is a musolla (prayer room) at the souvenir shop building for the convenience of Muslims, even though mosque are not really far from the area. And toilets too.

20. Fridge magnets. Nice design eh?
Would giving away Malaysian fridge magnets to Malaysian friends be a good idea?

21. Toilet is clean and airy. 

22. On the way back to Jalan Parlimen, there sculptures at Asian Sculpture Garden for you to 'enjoy'.
Hmm....I still wonder how do these sculptures look like at night?

23. Arunda graminifolia, a common orchid species planted in gardens in Malaysia.

24. Another sculpture - Made of steel and timber

25. Tristellateia australasiae (Australian Gold Vine) - climber species, also commonly found in Malaysia

After this we head back to Jalan Parlimen, continuing our journey at Merdeka Square and Leboh Pasar... be continued...

~End of part 7~


Telor Power said... [Reply]

wah......GB lagi power angle nya
dasyat...!! terbaek la GB. lawa2 semua pic nie tapi yang plg aku suka adalah gambar tugu negara yg terakhir tu...walaupun mcm over expose cahaya. tapi angle mantooop sis

Aku said... [Reply]

foto no.6 tu bagus sekali!

Sudut dan subjek yang memaparkan garis lurus menegak dan lengkungan memberi falsafah tersendiri...

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

tengs telor. sebenonya time fresh2 tak penat lagi, rajin la nak cari angle. kalau dah penat mmg main belasah ja. lagipun camera tak berapa nak wide angle.

sebenonye exposure gambor tugu terakhir tu GB edit sikit kat photoshop sebab snap tetengah panas buta, dalam lcd tak nampak sgt kite nye exposure setting. masuk komputer baru nampak gambo patung tu gelap. sayang la pulak kan.

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

tengkiu beb. aku pun suka gambo tu. sebenarnya ada term nye tapi aku kene rujuk buku dulu. :)

Dinas Aldi said... [Reply]

Cantik semuanya. Akak especially suka tengok awan dalam gambar ke2 & 11. The sculptures pun sangat menarik, I like!

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

tengkiu kak!! sebenarnya ada lagi sculptures tapi saya tak post semua kat sini. :D

DrSinga said... [Reply]

best kann.. kawasan Tugu ni..
saya selalu pergi pagi-pagi...
tak cair otak tengah panas..

jumpa EncikAzmi , pelukis tu tak??

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]


saya pegi baru sekali itu lah...nak repeat tapi time tak panas buta pulak. :D