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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chorisia speciosa (Floss silk tree)

(All photos in this entry are captured using Lumix GF3)


I drive at Jalan Sungai Buluh every day and if you had ever used that road, you will notice there are many nurseries by the road. Being a landscaper might be the reason why I really enjoyed the scenery at the roadside. It feels like as if you're driving passed flowering gardens everyday.

While most of the nurseries offer just-the-same-flowers-to-look-at, there is one nursery that have two flowering trees that had really captured my attention. For me they are rare because I never proposed any flowering trees looking like that in my landscape design.

So, during one fine Saturday, while I was on my way back from breakfast session with my girlfriends and knowing that Kuch Kuch Hota Hai will be aired in another two hours while the nursery is just a 5-minute-drive to my house, I took the chance to stop at the nursery and started investigating that mysterious flowering tree!

Thank God there were still flowers on it. I used to see more of those flower on the tree, trust me!
From down here, the flowers look like Bauhinia purpurea. But it cannot be a Bauhinia because the leaves are different!

I normally hold and touch and feel flowers to get the 'feel', but this tree is tall. I just need to differentiate what are the differences between this flower and Bauhinia. And the people at the nurseries can't even give me the correct name of the tree. So frustrating!

Hey! I was lucky to find a fallen flower on the ground. So I quickly picked it up.
The flower is bigger that a Bauhinia, the petals are thicker, making it last longer on the branch. No wonder...
And just like a Bauhinia, this one is fragrant-less. 
After a few weeks I managed to find the correct name of the tree. Yes it is. It is called Chorisia speciosa. :D


Well, a visit to a nursery is a waste of time if I don't spend time walking around the whole nursery and feasting my eyes on more flowers! Here are some beautiful sight I can share with you for this moment.

Costus woodsonii - Red button ginger

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis


Plumeria spp. - Frangipani

Rosa spp. - Rose

Wrightia antidysenterica - Snowflake



Till then, keep on coming and thanks! :D


Aku said... [Reply]

Sg buluh?
satu hari nanti kalau rumah dah siap, aku akan lawat kat situ nak cari ilham. kalau aku tak de ilham, aku tanya ko ek?

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

boleh...ko roger je aku nanti.

sepa said... [Reply]

nak tanya.

"Wrightia antidysenterica - Snowflake", sama tak ngan melur.?

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

Tak sama beb. yg ni takde bau.

melur punye saintifik name Jasminum sambac.

Dinas Aldi said... [Reply]

Tabik dengan dik GB yg sangat kenal dengan nama pokok2 & bunga2an. Akak kekadang snap saja tapi nama pun tak tau, kihkih!

Baru ja 2-3 hari lepas akak jumpa dengan Cik Red Button Ginger tu, hari ni baru tau nama dia, hehe.

Subhanallah, cantik semuanya di lensa Lumix GF3 dik GB tu :)

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

tengs kak. kalau ada yg boleh dikomen, harap akak komenlah ye.

saya minat bunga sebenarnya, dan mungkin atas faktor keje jugak saya kene kenal bunga dan pokok lain lebih dari sekadar nama. masih dalam proses belajar lagi. tak abis2 belajar ni, ada saja muncul spesis baru yg cantik2.

begitu juga proses menembak. saban hari ada saja teknik baru yg cun yg boleh dicuba. :)

tasekM said... [Reply]

oh! bunga2 mu jelita2 belaka...

Azizan Zolkipli said... [Reply]

Wakjan memang suspek, ehh, respek lah dalam kehandalan kamu mengetahui nama2 spesis pokok ! mesti ada sangkut paut dalam kehidupan seharian kan ?

Lumix GF3 pun not bad ekk ... cuma bila kat area gelap macam ada 'kureng' sikit lah ...

Saya Disini said... [Reply]


gadisBunga said... [Reply]


tu pasal la saya sangat suke munge...!

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

@Azizan Zolkipli

sebenarnya kalau utk photographer pro yg nak jual gambo, mungkin la gf3 ada kekurangannya. mana mungkin setanding dgn kamera yg 5-6 riban tu...hihi~

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

@Saya Disini

tengs sudi singgah sini ek~

Dalene P said... [Reply]

Hi! I had the same experience with identifying this beautiful tree that looks like a bauhinia but isnt. And then I found your pics! Lovely! Check out my pics of this tree in sunny South Africa!