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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Island Called Temasek Part 2 : Day 1

(All photos in this entry are captured using Lumix GF3)


Date: 24/12/2011
Location: Singapore


Continued from here...


So we continued walking throughout the night while feasting our eyes on colourful Singapore skyline.

1. Capturing night scene without a tripod is challenging because even in idle mode, our body is still shaky *due to breathing process and heart pumping blood. So this is considered my best shots. Will come back with a tripod soon.

2. The Marina Bay Sand. Can you see those white floating things on the water? I was not sure what were those but just for information, that night was Christmas eve.

3. This time I used the railing to support my hands, but still shaky.

4. This cute hanging things are hanged at the decorative pole along the pedestrian walkway.
Those who wish to write a Christmas wish on them are welcomed to do so. 

5. Another shot. As you can see, the wet road reflects the colourful lights beautifully, thanks to the rainy day (and night).

6. We are heading towards the pedestrian bridge, going to the Marina Bay Sands

7. It's quite difficult to get a sharp image of the pedestrian bridge because it is shaking itself due to movements of people walking on it.

8. The river underneath is clean and plantations at the riverbank makes it pleasant to look at.

9. Very well planned.

10. As soon as we arrived at the end of the bridge, it was raining again so we got into the shopping mall and witnessed that there were still so many people doing last minute shopping for Christmas!

11. And then we went out again to avoid the crowd. See those Royal Palms with those in-ground lightings?

12. And found this elephant. I purposely snapped this one because of the number.

13. And got in again. Yes, It was raining again.
Can you see Jimmy Choo boutique over there?

14. And finally almost came to the end of journey of day 1.
We were supposed to go back on our own by bus or train but my friend wanted to send us back to JB. Seriously I don't know how to say thanks to them for their kindness. But, we will come back tomorrow. With more places to go.

See ya! be continued...

~End of Part 2~


tasekM said... [Reply]

sukanya gambar 1st tu beb...

Aku said... [Reply]

ok.. baru Day 1...

Day 2? Singapura tak besar kan?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

ah baru boleh komen, dah ada anon option ;)
those white floating things are balls, thrown in after messages for the new year have been written on it. anyone can write a wish, message. they are found at the esplanade. my little son suka2 wrote his message. and previous years pun he wrote, when the balls were made available in libraries all around sg.

ur fren..i m sending u email..pls chk

Anonymous said... [Reply]

cik adaik ;)
nak add..i so happy get to see all these wow pictures! everything looks so much nicer thru ur lens.
come again with tripod! how soon?

sepa said... [Reply]

tgk gambo2 nih membuatkan aku nak sesgt jejalan d sgpore... (wishlist...) :)

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


tengs laling! sengal tangan nak tahan gegor!

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


day 2 ada gambo siang. singapore tak beso tapi 2 hari tak abis sukat la~

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


haha i sengaja taruk anon option so that eberibodi can comment.

the ball thing is fun la, saja2 eronok2 kan~

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


ahaha tengkiu. belum beli tripod lagi, dah beli nanti i roger. kepala dah sendat kat ofis ni!

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


gi la bulan depan! heheh tetibe~

My Momentlicious said... [Reply]

suka pic ke tiga!

Saya Disini said... [Reply]

wah...sangt2 cntik

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

@My Momentlicious

tengkiu! itu versi portrait. :D

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

@Saya Disini

xie xie nie. :D

blog kecil said... [Reply]

aku juga suka gambar yang nomor satu

Dinas Aldi said... [Reply]

Takda tripod pun sudah sangat mabeles gambaq2nya, kalau ada tripod mesti lagi meletops gitu :)

geraugebang said... [Reply]

kita suka gambor pokok deret tu...suka sangat-sangat...kalau kita suka sangat, tak ader dapat hadiah heh?

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

@blog kecil

kalerful kan?

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

@Dinas Aldi

talde tripod ni, kalau gambo di close up mmg nampak lah gegarnya. :D

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


hadiahnya adalah awak boleh lepak kat blog saya anytime! amacam, best tak? ;D

MOH KEMBARA said... [Reply]

Salam Gadisbunga,

Selamat berkenalan dr Istanbul. Balas ziarah! Tima kasih jenguk blog akak. Ehhh cantik2 shot awak amik, orang terer kamera pun canggih. Akak guna henpon jer rakam imej, sib baik ada henpon jugak.

Temuk said... [Reply]

As-salam. Lovely shots. I did enjoy those pics a lot, and thanks for sharing.

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


salam kembali. :D

kamera saya tak canggih sangat, ada yg laaagi canggih. kdg tu kamera fon pun saya pakai juge.. :D

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


thanks for liking the pics. :D

DrSinga said... [Reply]


dah beli tripod lom?!