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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Island Called Temasek Part 3 : Day 2

(All photos in this entry are captured using Lumix GF3. Some might be HDR-ed for fun and will be mentioned in the caption)


Date: 25/12/2011
Location: Singapore


Continued from here...


It's the second day. And today we decided to go to the island by train! I can't wait to hop on the train because the first and the last time ever I took a train was when my course mates and I were on a trip to Jerantut for an adventure to National Park, 11 years ago....and it was fun! So we drove to JB Sentral and parked the car there, and proceeded to buy train ticket for two, one way.

1. Train tickets. MYR 3.00 only per person.
Train tickets to Singapore can only be purchased about 45 minutes before the arrival of the train.
Come any earlier and you'll be 'forced' to go window shopping around the complex.

2. Waiting hall. The excitement is just outside this door!

3. In the train. Alright....There were nothing much we can enjoy actually because the journey took less than 10 minutes. Just grey sky and sea, and giant pipes! Oh yes, and a very congested Johore Causeway next to us! LOL!!!

4. Woodland Train Checkpoint. I was asked to keep my camera after a guard saw me snapping. And because I love my camera, then I just put it back in my bag. Just in case. :D

After the checkpoint, we walked to the nearest bus stand to get a bus to the City Hall MRT Station to purchase The Singapore Tourist Pass. It is the only pass that offers tourists unlimited rides on Singapore's public transport system including MRT, LRT, and basic bus services.

5. On a bus ride. Can you see the white crooked line with gaps in between? I can feel that this is an effective method for drivers to slow down with caution.

6. MRT station. Actually I've forgotten which station was this, but I have to ride on it to go to City Hall Station.

7. View from the moving train. Frankly I admire the landscape and the maintenance of landscape in Singapore.
(Pic is HDR-ed from single photo)

8. Mussaenda philippica (white flower) and a tree that yet to be identified, planted on the island.
(Pic is HDR-ed from a single photo)
9. Traffic system, viewed from the moving MRT. 'Read' this picture for yourself. :D

10. My friend told me that there are shopping complex at every MRT station, which I think act as neighbourhood store. Bigger version of course. But don't trust what I write because I haven't walked in any of the shopping complex yet.

11. Parks and greeneries are everywhere

12. And colourful buildings and courts, can double as an artwork to their landscape
(Pic is HDR-ed from a single photo)

13. Another park. 

14. Railway. And a river, maybe? Or a big monsoon drain?
After this the train was stuffed with so many people that I have to keep my camera inside and be alert of my backpack and other belongings because anything can happen with too many people around. So next, I'll show some pics at Orchard Road and Kampung Glam, and also some stories about luck in the midst of nervousness. Haha! Next part ok! be continued...

~End of Part 3~


ummi5 said... [Reply]

13. yishun stadium.
6. woodlands mrt.
nice ah take mrt ride and get overview of neighbourhood estates ( bukan estet getah ;)

gadisbunga said... [Reply]


aha tengs for the infos kak ummi. i forgot to put in the term 'estate' in my entry. heheh.

Dinas Aldi said... [Reply]

RM3 saja, ok sangat la reganya tu kan?

Cantik & bersih :)

Trust you to correctly give the names of the flowers that you encounter, dik. Kalau akak asyik la sebut bunga merah, bunga purple, bunga oren bila tak tau nama bunga yg disnap tu, kahkah!

Kazman / Sue said... [Reply]

salam kenal dari kami sekeluarga...

cantik la gambar tempat ni...

sepa said... [Reply]

why so less cars, and only a handful of people.?! i thought singapore is a big city.

ar... may also be at the outskirt... :)

gadisbunga said... [Reply]

@Dinas Aldi

ok sangat. murahhh. tapi kalau nak balik dari singapore kene cek betul2 tiketnye. kalau train berenti2 dah habis, kene beli yg express. yg tu kene bayo SGD21.

singapore ni mmg bersih, itu yg saya nampak la based on observation on train. pendek kata takde ceruk yg dibiarkan bersemak samun.

gadisbunga said... [Reply]

@Kazman / Sue

salam...tengs ek sudi singgah singgah sini. :D

gadisbunga said... [Reply]


perhaps that's the image most people portray about singapore becos normally they'll go to tourists attraction spots. but if we deeper then only we'll find that city centre and suburbs/residential estates are different.

or maybe it's Christmas so most people just stay at home.

DrSinga said... [Reply]

last time ke Singapura..
masa omor 6 tahun...

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


kalau plan jadi, last time ke singapore mesti 'baru-baru' ni je kan? :D

Izni Hafiz Abdul Rashid said... [Reply]

Cantik kan... bila la teman nak kesana lagi... Kat sana kalau buang sampah merata2 confirm kena fine teruk punya laa

Ngapa kat Malaysia tak buat macam tu yer???