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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bagan Pasir Sunset

Date: 24/3/2012
Location: Bagan Pasir, Tanjung Karang, Selangor, Malaysia

I saw an entry showing a photo of really nice rocky seaside of Bagan Pasir in Wakjan's blog, then I asked for direction from the blog owner because I think sunset view from there would be magnificent! Luckily he is very helpful in giving me direction to the place, complete with a map! So during one fine Saturday afternoon, my sister and I, together with a friend stays in Tanjung Karang, went to Bagan Pasir with a mission. To shoot the sunset (plus some experimental job!)!

Getting there was quite easy (thanks to the direction given by Wakjan and my friend who is Tanjung Karang local), but once we arrived, I had to drive at a very narrow route with the sea just a 1 foot away on our left and a sloping ravine, also just 1 foot away on our right. I hesitated to go further as the route seems to be narrower and narrower but the sun was setting very fast so I have to chase it quick, until we asked the locals who were using the same route and they confirmed that the route will be wider in the front.

So I continued driving until yes, we found a wider spot and parked my car and starting to set up the tripod and camera. The timing: perfect!


So here are the photos I shot. Settings of each photos put in caption are just for reference.

1. 14mm, F/8, 1/500 sec., ISO-640 (7:10pm)

2. 14mm, F/22, 1/125 sec., ISO-250 (7:11pm)
3. The spot where I parked my car. 14mm, F/5, 1/250 sec., ISO-160. (7:12pm)

4. 14mm, F/6.3, 1/320 sec. ISO-160. (7:14pm)

5. 25mm, F/8, 1/400 sec., ISO-160. (7:16pm)

6. 42mm, F/10, 1/400 sec., ISO-160 (7:16pm)

7. 17mm, F/22, 1/125 sec., ISO-250 (7:17pm)

8. HDR (2 exposures)
9. 42mm, F/6.3, 1/200sec., ISO-160 (7:21pm)

10. Cropped from 23mm, F/22, 1/2 sec., ISO-250 (7:23pm)
11. 23mm, F/4.5, 1/100 sec., ISO-160 (7:29pm)

12. 23mm, F/4.4, 1/40 sec., ISO-160 (7:31pm)

13. 23mm, f/22, 4 sec., ISO-160 (7:34pm)

14. 23mm, F/22, 15 sec., ISO-160 (7:36pm)

15. Cropped from above

16. 26mm, F/4.7, 1/25 sec., ISO-800 (7:39pm)

17. 26mm, F/22, 15 sec., ISO-600 (7:42pm)
18. 26mm, F/11, 15 sec., ISO-160 (7:43pm)
 I packed my stuff after another few shots after this. But just right after I switched on my engine, I saw this magnificent view of crescent moon. So here is the handheld-in-car-while-pressing-brake-barefooted photo.

19. 42mm, F/5.6, 1/2 sec., ISO-400 (7:51pm)
Khalas. After this we rushed to the nearest Petronas to perform Maghrib prayer.

~The End~


Aku said... [Reply]

suka foto yg macam kabus tapi air laut tu...
aku tak tau nak cari kat mana elemen-elemen tu... tak ballik kampung lagi ni.. huhuuhu...

kakcik said... [Reply]

Subhanallah. Cantik2nya pemandangan. :)

sepa said... [Reply]

1) aku suka foto 7.16pm, sebab ada nelayan
sedang pulang...
2) aku suka foto 7.21pm, sebab ada camar
yang pulang...
3) aku cuba carik, dalam foto 7.51pm, bayang hantu... :p

*nice pic eh. :)

Azian Elias said... [Reply]

akak tau amik gambo je.. beb nak gitu gini tu kureng tau..

h4ni3 said... [Reply]

nanti kita park cik pepel kita sebelah-sebelah.. pastu ambik gambo nak?

DrSinga said... [Reply]

terbaik beb!!!!

DrSinga said... [Reply]

kalah gambau dslr!!

Dinas Aldi said... [Reply]

Subhanallah, cantik dikkk!

Gumiho Princess said... [Reply]


tasekM said... [Reply]

rasa nk pi laut ambik gambor...

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


sebenarnya ko boleh pegi sungai atau mana saja yang ada punca air. aku nak try shoot kat sungai dgn air terjun pulak nanti.

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


tengs mak. syukurlah cuaca elok time tu. :D

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


tengkiu beb. heheh. tapi nak amik gambo sunset yg ada boat atau burung lalu lebih mudah dari amik gambo sunset yang ada kapal terbang lalu.

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

@Azian Elias

saya main tembak2 je tu kak. kebetulan mmg suasananya cantik. :)

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


jom! bila? bila? :D

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


woh. tengkiu kak! ;D

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


jimat duit, takyah beli dslr. tapi kalau org bagi kite amik! hahaha!

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

@Dinas Aldi

subhanallah, mmg cantik sunset kat situ! :D

gadisBunga said... [Reply]

@Gumiho Princess

hihi tengkiu!!

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


nak menyempil boleh? :D

Nur-nba said... [Reply]

GB.. Cantik sungguh gambar2 yg GB ambil ni.. :) Terpegun bila memandangnya.