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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Island Called Temasek Part 5: Day 2

Date: 25/12/2011
Location: Singapore


Continued from here...


We finally arrived at Kampong Glam (Arab Street).

1. Shops at Kampong Glam. I bought fridge magnets, t-shirts and some postcards here
2. Since we didn't perform Asar prayer yet, so we headed towards Sultan Mosque first.

3. Very clean ablution area

4. Sultan Mosque interior, viewed from muslimah prayer hall

5. Donation box. That MYR10 is not mine.

6. Facade of shophouses.
7. Not all shops were opened. Some not yet opened, and some closed due to public holiday.

8. Cute reading space outside the museum. Museum??
We found an interesting place that is turned into a museum in the middle of the shop. Children Little Museum Singapore. We stepped in and paid SGD2 for ticket to go upstairs where the owner exhibits his collection. Ok, it was my friend who paid for the tickets. She insisted. Hahaha!

This museum in fact exhibits all personal collections from the owner's childhood, but don't be surprised if you find yourself screaming looking at the collections because they might as well bring you back to your own childhood memories. I did. The screaming of course. :D

I think Malaysian and Singaporean kids share almost the same childhood memories.

9. Look for this place to feel as if you've been into a time machine.

10. Antique camera. 

11. The antique camera viewed from front
12. These collectiones are free to view

13.  Upper stairs. Noticed the old fashion barber corner, complete with the chair? :)
14. Barber's accessories. :D

15. Collection of coke and other carbonated drinks glass bottle

16. ABC (flavoured shaved ice with nuts) stall. :D

17. Old stationeries with a 'congkak'-like wooden traditional game 

18. Collection of old cameras and radios

19. Old kerosene stove and lamp. I loveeee the lamp! :D

20. Old bicycle

21. Old school bell

22. Antique kerosene lamp

23. Antique electric fan

24.  Ok. Back to the ground floor with smile. :D

25. I used this type of telephone when I was a kid. :D

Ok. So we stepped out of the memory lane with broad smile. SGD2 really worth it! And we continued walking, and looking for more stuff to buy!
26. Entire facade of the cute museum

27. Closed!

28. Also closed! Just closed in fact. Maghrib is approaching.

29. Love the facade!

30. It's Maghrib already. See the lit up minaret? The lighting will change it's color every few minutes!
31. Banner outside the mosque

32. Another banner

33. GadisBungaCute. The plat number says. Heheh.

After this we'll continue strolling at the riverside and Clark Quay. That would be on the final part of The Island Called Temasek. be continued...

~End of Part 5~


Anonymous said... [Reply]

i have passed the museum numerous times but never thought of entering. 2days of discoveries for me too. minaret light changes colour, now then i know.
if u r free, no rush, can send me pictures captured of my family.
sorry for being the inSISter haha hopefully not SinISter.

Aku said... [Reply]

aku tak pernah sampai ke Singapura.

paling hampir pun kat tambak...

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


haha dont be offended by the word 'insist' eh. sayang awak sefamily. :D

ok i'll email u the pics asap. tunggu jap eh....

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


apasal ko tak seberang je terus? ;D

sepa said... [Reply]

bandar yg bersih. dan transparent
(peti donation tuh yg transparent...)

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


transparen and letaknye depan depan lagik.

CiKPuaNLawA said... [Reply]

nape pegi tak hajak kite...hehehe..
(uppss ..kite tak de buku merah..sedeh kanss...)

tetiba teringat oren botol bodo tu...
kecik2 suke perisa eskrem soda...

tasekM said... [Reply]


ye laaaa..
ye laaa....


gadisBunga said... [Reply]


buku merah buat 1/2 hari (je) awak. :D

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


ye kan la.

ye kan la...


Hamzah Lynna said... [Reply]

been thr many times. But may be i was just the nature lover hence museum was never visited but hey all the pix r magnificient. Its just that im lazy to arrange, compile n pick it like u do n post it in place. I wd just browse the pix i have alone when i want to talk to god n be thankful of his wonderful creation. Keep up the good job girl.