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Friday, May 25, 2012

Sultan Alam Shah Museum

Date: 1/4/2012
Venue: Sultan Alam Shah Museum, Shah Alam, Selangor

This is the state museum of Selangor Darul Ehsan. History lovers, this place is for you. There are sooo many things displayed and exhibited here. Sooo many. From the state histories, to sports, and nature. Cool.   

Getting there is easy. Just GPS or Google map it. Heheh. Ok, not funny. But it is located at Pusat Bandar Shah Alam and there are signages for you to follow.

1- I am not sure what this painting is all about. Perhaps it is the war between Sultan Ibrahim and the Dutch.

2- Another painting.

3- The front part of the museum.

4- Brief history of the museum

5- Looking in

6- The entrance

7- Old grave replica

8- Replica of Granite Cist Grave

9- One can walk on the deck to have closer view of what is on the wall

10. The diorama of a Neolithic habitation at Kampung Jenderam Hilir Neolithic habitation site in Dengkil, Selangor. Stuff like clay pottery, stone axes and wooden boats were discovered during an archaeological excavation in 1977.

11. Close up 1

12. Close up 2

13. Close up 3

14. Actual things discovered on site

15. Photos and brief information on Monuments and Historical Sites in Selangor

16. Among others are Malawati Fort, Tanjung Keramat Hill, and Kampung Keramat Primary School

17. Ancient currency of Selangor

18. Model of Istana Mahkota, Klang

19. Sketch of Coronation of Raja Lumu as Sultan of Selangor (1766)

20. Model of boat

21. On 27th of June 1785, Sultan Ibrahim, with the help of 2000 of his followers including some from Pahang, attacked the Dutch at night to recapture Bukit Malawati. Eventually almost after a year after Selangor had fallen under Dutch rule, Sultan Ibrahim reclaimed his throne at Kuala Selangor.

22. Rubber tapping activity

23. Look how high they climb for rubber tapping?

24. Japanese army with his bicycle

25. Putrajaya was known as Prang Besar before 1995.

26. Model of Kampung Pulau Meranti School Building, Puchong, Selangor. (1918)

27. Handover of Kuala Lumpur history
28. Can you read this?

29. Souvenir during Independence Day  

30. Tuanku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, Father of Independence

31. Tuanku Abdul Rahman (far left) while celebrating the independence of Malaya, 1957. 

32. The headdress with symbol of UMNO worn during Independence Celebration on 31st of August 1957. 

33. Old bicycle

34. Kampong house setting

35. Weaving machine

36. Gatot Goca statues

37. Famous wooden statue in Java. Used for entertainment along with gamelan.

38. Going down to Natural Heritage floor

39. More than  natural heritage here. This is the first foorbal made in Malaysia on 15 August 1989.

40. Formations

41. The famous late Mokhtar Dahari. Jersey and history.

42. Sport icons

43. Preserved frog

44. Model of bird and its nest

45. Jungle like setting

46. The model of famous Shah Alam Mosque

47. Stesen Keretapi Klang - rebuilt

48. Old train


In fact I have a lot more things to see but since I was runnig out of time, I had to go back earlier. Might come again soon. Anyone wanna join?

The end.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum

Date: 29/1/2012
Location: Muzium TUDM, Sungai Besi RMAF Camp, Kuala Lumpur

At first, I saw a blogger friend published an entry of them going to the museum, thus it gave me some weekend activity idea with my family. Plus, fighting jets and I were common since I was 2 years old. Having a dad working in RMAF and us stayed in an RMAF Camp making the sights and sounds of fighting jets as something familiar, something part of us. 

Getting there was easy. Entry is free, just inform the guard at the guardhouse that you are going to the museum. Once allowed to be in, immediately you can see the museum entrance on your left. But..if the front gate of the museum is closed, just proceed to the back entrance using the small road. You can drive your way to the back entrance and park your car after the back gate.

1- Front gate was closed and luckily a Germany tourist told us that we can proceed to the back entry. 
2- Royal Malaysian Air Force familiar logo. I used to see a lot of it on my dad's uniform and hat.
3- Displayed aircraft at the outside. We can hop on them as we like.

It was quite a hot day so we decided to go into the hangar first. They are also jets displayed in the hangar, including the one my dad handled during his service with RMAF. The Aermacchi.

4- Inside Aermacchi cockpit

5- Some of the displayed aircrafts

6- Looking out
7- My parents and siblings

8- My dad can easily recall the name of this aircraft. I can't.
9- This helicopter is not used anymore

10- Another unused aircraft
11- Charlie. Why do I remember this one? Despite of being one of the most famous aircrafts of RMAF, I also had experience flying with Charlie from Kuantan to Alor Setar when I was 8. Cool. :)

12- View from inside

13- The cockpit. Rusts here and there, so be careful.

14- Can you see the rust?

15- View towards the back end

16- View towards passengers' space

17- The Amphibian

18- The wheels are big!
19- If I am not mistaken, this aircraft was used to fly VVIPs.

20- My bro getting close encounter with the aircraft

21- I am ready to fly this helicopter.

22- The day was getting hotter and my parents decided to take a rest at a gazebo nearby
23- Timber walkway, viewed from the gazebo

24- Another helicopter
25- Where It All Begins

I am planning to go again, perhaps alone or with some friends during a blue skied day, or at dawn or during blue hour if allowed, just to capture more views there.

The End.