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Friday, May 11, 2012

May 2012: Film Developed Photos using Nikon FM analogue SLR

This lately I got a little crazier on photography. I found a 1981 manufactured analogue Nikon FM SLR camera with 1.8, 50mm lens belonged to my dad, and suddenly started looking around for film so that I can use the camera in my next project. It was not easy though, as Kodak itself is closing (or they already closed?), that they stopped producing negative films for future market. But luckily and finally I found a Digital Printing Shop that sells films. So I bought it, put it in the camera and started shooting, finished it and sent it back to the shop to be developed, and here are the results.

Film developed photos after almost 10 years of only-digital-photography. Just some of them though. You know, even though all 37 pieces were printed out, but more than half are just for aperture-and-shutter-speed experiments. These photos have been fixed at the shop due to scratches here and there, so obviously it needs lens cleaning. And most of the photos are not sharp. So I just share the best 8 pieces (only) for this entry. :D

1- My Teddy bear, the victim of my experiment

2- Sunset at Tanjung Harapan

3- Another sunset at Tanjung Harapan. Same day, same time, just different setting of aperture and shutter

4- Another Tanjung Harapan sunset, another different setting

5-My niece, Nurul Shifa' cuddled by my cousin. (Not her mom)

6- Nurul Shifa' looking for her mom.

7-I love the bokeh this lens creates.

8- Nurul Shifa' cuddle by me. Photo taken by my brother.

Ok. So I will clean the lens and the entire camera and will start a new session. Soon.



Aku said... [Reply]

aku dah tak berani nak guna negatif. takut membazir jer karang...

ummi5 said... [Reply]

mama GB dukung, tenang je shifa'.
i m missing printed photos, kesian yg kecik dua ni takde album, person in charge of camera, tak rajin pegi print.

DrSinga said... [Reply]

very vintage look..!

sepa said... [Reply]

setuju ngan DrSinga...

*eh. ini jam develop filem diaorg cas braper.?
terakhir saya develop 4ringgit. print out 4R 5posen...
itu 12 tahun dulu.


Dinas Aldi said... [Reply]

Aiseh renungan teddy tu mengingatkan akak pada teddy childhood ku yg dah lama hancus, kahkah!

Cantik sunset tu, I like.

Paling suka gambar last :)

FEDO said... [Reply]

Hebatnya kamera, dapat melukis satu pemandangan.