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Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunset at Skypark Terminal Subang

Date: 5/5/2012
Location: At the back of Skypark Terminal Subang

Last two weeks I saw a magnificent view of sunset at the back of Skypark Terminal at Subang, while I was actually trying to use different route despite of my normal route going back home from office. But by that time I was a little too late since the sun was setting down very quickly, but hoping to come back on weekend. Ok, I went there on Labour Day holiday only to witness sunset in midst of heavy rain. So no photoshoot done. Until I went back on  last Saturday, where weather was so nice and the sunset? Amazing!

To get there is easy. Just drive pass the Skypark Terminal, taking the flyover and turn left at the first traffic light. Go straight ahead, slow down and park your car before the seafood restaurant.

So here are some of my shots of sunset at the back of Skypark Terminal Subang.

1. There are differences between this pic and below

2. Spot the difference now?


4. I love it when the lights reflected on the clouds
5. Playing with errr...composition?

6. I put my camera on the tripod, set timer and hold the tripod so that the camera pass the wired fencing.
Don't do that often.

7. Ahh...the hues are breathtaking.
8. I love the reflection on the horizon on my car. Just washed, luckily.



Ok. Khalas. Time to go home. :)


sepa said... [Reply]

suka gambar no.8. :)

gadisBunga said... [Reply]


tengs sepa. dah nak balik baru aku perasan reflection jatuh atas kete. seb baik perasan. :D

Izni Hafiz Abdul Rashid said... [Reply]

Cantik kan GB, langit waktu petang...

Aku said... [Reply]

tak ada kapal terbang mencecah landasan?

aku suka kapal terbang nak mendarat.. thrill jer rasanya...

ardz marn said... [Reply]

suka gambau no 1 ngan no 4..

no 1 tu macam gambar tengok kat movie hollywood..

Anonymous said... [Reply]

nice picture. walking here ;)

Dinas Aldi said... [Reply]

Adik, cantiknyaaa, subhanallah!

Suka tengok gambar no.4 & reflection atas keta tu :)

floyd said... [Reply]

Gambo 1 ngan 2 beza depth of field. Guna aperture berbeza kot.