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Monday, June 25, 2012

National Mosque, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Believe it or not, I've been residing in Kuala Lumpur (can Gombak and Shah Alam and Cheras be considered as Kuala Lumpur?) for more than 10 years now, but never even once I step myself inside the National Mosque of Kuala Lumpur. Perhaps because of the completion of other newer mosques around KL, Selangor and Putrajaya making the National Mosque less popular, despite of it's own unique and beautiful blue folded-like 'dome'. Or perhaps I've been watching it like since forever in TV, especially during Friday prayers. Thus, a suggestion from a friend for us to go to the mosque for morning visit photoshoot during a working weekday (during school holiday) is somehow un-rejectable.

1. View of dome from the main prayer hall

2. The prayer hall

3. Beautifully engraved motif at the interior 

4. Column with engraved motif and colourful tiles

5. Geometrical pattern often emblems Islamic pattern as universally accepted

6. Beautiful chandelier hanging on the ceiling

7. Pretty details

8. Robes for ladies without proper attire

9. Please shut the door

10. No camera and video cam. Er?

11. Decorative box attached on the wall

12. Almost sunrise. The famous modern designed blue dome.

13. The dome is designed in the shape of 18-point star, to represent 13 states of Malaysia and 5 pillars of Islam. 
14. Decoration at the dome

15. The minaret and it's reflection. Yes, there is a pool in the mosque!

Then we walked to one end where sunrise is viewable from there. What a pleasant surprise to see the skyline of KL with hues of sunrise at the background! Breathtaking!

16. Part of KL skyline 
17. Dayabumi, KL Tower and Maybank Tower

18. The sunrise

19. KTMB Headquarters

20. KL Tower and Maybank Tower zoomed in

21. Calm pool water with reflection of clouds

22. Dayabumi and it's reflection on the reflective pool
 Now it's time leave the sun to rise while we continued with our next agenda - Makam Pahlawan.

23. Makam Pahlawan is at the other end of the corridor

24.  Makam Pahlawan and The National Mosque are National Heritage of Malaysia   

25. The sky is getting brighter
26. The minaret and it's reflection against brighter sky.

27. Main Lecture Hall, seen on the way to Makam Pahlawan

28. Well landscaped Muslim cemetery for VIPs, outside the main structure of Makam Pahlawan 
29. The entrance

30. Du'a (prayer) upon entering the area
31. Surrounded by reflective pool

32. The tomb

33. Panorama look of the whole area of Makam Pahlawan

Time to go back. Leave late or face the risk of getting caught in traffic congestion but luckily, during school holiday, traffic situation is normally smoother.
34. 7:18 in the morning

35. Shoes place

36. View from outside