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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunset & Lightscape from KL Tower, Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur

My friend and I went to KL Tower during one fine weekday for a sunset retreat, not knowing that I was going to shoot a hazy sunset.

My original plan was to shoot for light trail and lightscape of the city, but I was a bit disappointed to find out that the reflections of the interior was overpowering the scene that I wanted to shoot. But never mind, like my friend said, 'We cannot have everything we want right?'.

Yes dear, you are so right!

1. By the time we got to the top, the sun was setting down. But in haze. In haze.

2. Panorama view

3. Even if it is hazy please do not neglect the safety of your eyes.

4. The golden reflection of the sun on our pride and joy, the most famous twin towers.

5. The city facing golden moment

6. The golden sun in hazy evening

7. Dolls keychain

8. Some buildings has already lit up by this hour.
9. It's getting darker now...

10. Viewed from top - these building look like as if we are at the Miniland in Legoland!

11. Strong reflection disturbing my photoshoot

12. The city has been lit up

13. The city's lightscape and light trail

14. More lightscape

15. The darkened city

16. KLCC and Public Bank Tower

17. Ok. One last shot. 

18. Crystal-like ceiling, captured while waiting for the elevator to go down
Khalas. Time to go home. it possible for me to go to the topmost floor, where people do their base-jumping? So that I can get the most perfect city's light trail and lightscape?

Stubborn me, I know. :D


Dinas Aldi said... [Reply]

Mula2 tengok jerebu tu - sedih.

Tapi bila udah gelap & nengok lampu lampam indah berkerlipan tu - hilang sedih. Hepi. I LIKE :)

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]

@Dinas Aldi

tuh la...kite pun kebetulan memang aim nak tembak sunset n lightscape. so tak dapat sunset, dapat lightscape pun dah hepi dah...!!!

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said... [Reply]

Nice outing at Tower

J~N said... [Reply]

Dolls keychain soooooo cute!! ..

Jemput ke blog (",) :

sal-nurbeena said... [Reply]

Cantik sangat pemandangan tu. Maha besar tuhan pencipta Alam.


Syed said... [Reply]

Beautiful cityscapes.
Susah nak avoid the reflections, right?

Ayie Abas said... [Reply]

panorama KL memang cantik :)

Nelly Strange said... [Reply]

cntiknya gambar !!

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]

@黄清华 Wong Ching Wah

thanks Ching Wah!

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]


kiut...tapi kite tak beli pun. :)

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]


thank you... :)

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]



terpaksa face the reflections.

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]

@Ayie Abas

yep. KL memang cantik. :)

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]

@Nelly Strange

mekasih.. :)

mummy alisha said... [Reply]

cantik... pandai amik gamba...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

GB ni mmg terer menembak.. pic semuanya cantik...

jgn frust sgt.. may be lain kali boleh cuba lagi ye.. hehe

DrSam said... [Reply]

Nice bird's eye view of the city.

Wak Gelas™ said... [Reply]

wak pon leh kecot telo kalo pegi tembak foto tempat tinggi2 camni.. ihiiKss..

abah khalisha said... [Reply]

cantik betul permandangan dari atas

Anonymous said... [Reply]

cantik gambar Gadis Bunga :)

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]

@mummy alisha

thanks mummy!

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]


tuh laa...

nak repeat nanti. time langit clear pulak. :D

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]


feel like a bird!

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]

@Wak Gelas™

sampai kecot telo tingginye kan...?

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]

@abah khalisha

rasa macam taknak balik!

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]

@Cik rOse

thank you... :D