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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Charming Kota Kinabalu Part 4: Mountain Rest House & Kundasang Sunset (Updated)

Day 1: Part 4 (151011)

...continued from here...

We arrived at Mountain Resthouse just a few minutes before 4pm. In fact I already pre-booked a room about a month ago to avoid sleeping in places like name it! Huhuhu. But I was so surprised to learn that my booking was not registered! And my name was not even in the booking list! Woah...then I started to worry...

But luckily I was there before peak season so there were still rooms available. Because about in a week time from the day I arrived, Mount Kinabalu Climbathon 2011 will be held and all rooms will sure be full! Then I paid the deposit and started climbing up (yes...climbing...) to bring my backpack to my room.

1. While waiting to check-in
2. A little info

3. View from main hall
4. Let's climb up!

5. Breathtaking... :)



8. The corridor

9. View from my room. There are one double Decker bed and a single bed in this room. Cost is RM30 per night if I stay alone, or RM20 per night if shared. Bathroom and toilet is outside, but this is not a big matter if you are traveling alone or with friends who are okay with it.  

10. Another view

11. Breathtaking, isn't it? And oh...can you notice the change of level which has forced me to climb up to get to my room? :)

12. Then I performed jama' prayer and took a short nap before went out for food. 

Zzzzzzz...... But not too long after that we woke up and headed out. We can't waste the day by just resting in room while there are so many things to look for outside. Rest can wait. ;D

13. Typical highland Yellow lily. This type of lily can also be abundantly found in Cameron Highlands.  

14. Typical Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. 

Our resthouse are not very far away from the nearest restaurant. Just 500 meters away. Just opposite is Kinabalu Park entrance.

15. The son of the rest house owner

16. With temperature this cold, no wonder our stomachs began to scream. Then... food search began!

17. The menu

18. View from our table

19. Hubert and Justyle were discussing on which food to order
20. 'Accessories' for my hot coffee. Nyum! ;D
21. Justyle's fried noodle

22. Hubert's fried rice

23. My weird mixed tomyam. The first ever tomyam I've tasted with bunga kantan and bean sprouts inside! But taste good....!

24. Jane's rice with mushroom
25. Ahhh...fog started to conquer the view. Just a minute after this picture was taken, I barely saw nothing but fog!

After we finished our food, we decided to go to Kundasang Town to buy some bread maybe, for supper. 

26. It was 5:49pm. We stopped the car and crossed the road after we saw this breathtaking hues of sunset. 

27. I zoomed a bit...

28. The other side

29. And I envy people of Kundasang so much... :)

30. Jane and Justyle with the sunset view at the back. :)

31. Turned right before crossing. The road was empty but we must be very careful when crossing the road because vehicles might appear so suddenly!
32. And turned left... and run quick!

33. View from across the road.

34. 5:53pm. And the hues were getting brighter and wider. 
35. And getting more and more beautiful!

But we just moved on because it's getting darker and darker and colder. Until suddenly Jane screamed my name because of these...

36. Off-focused! I want the setting sun! 5:56pm...

37. And I could not get it right because the car was moving and the camera auto setting was already set itself for low light shot!

38. Then Hubert made a U-turn and started to find a good spot. I snapped this while the car was still moving.

39. The car stopped. We went out quick and ran (yes, ran!) to find a good spot to shoot for the amazing sunset! 5:57 pm and the sun was setting very quickly! I zoomed the farthest my camera can for this shot. And seriously I have no time left for manual setting anymore.

40. And I have to feel satisfied with just this... 5:58 pm. 

And the we waited until the sun set down completely. The whole place was so dark when we left. And we must be very....very careful because pickup trucks and lorries and cars can appear speeding so sudden especially from Kundasang town...

41. Signage at Kundasang town

42. The shop where I bought my supper bread and my 3 in 1 drink. No Gardenia bread can be found here. Huhuh~
43. I bought this bun. Tausa means red bean. :)

There were people still selling for fruits and fish and fresh flowers at the stalls at the roadside. But the whole area was so dark I barely saw nothing. I had a bad feeling...sort of...but not wishing to see anything bad happen. But shortly after that an accident happened, just a few meters away from us. Read here for more.

44. We went back to the rest house with some shiver. Part of it was because of the accident, and part of it was because of my naked feet in my shoes. So icy cold!

I need to recharge my camera and netbook battery and myself so I went out after prayer and started to boil some water, not knowing that I met a friend of mine there! What a coincident! He was up for training for the coming climbathon with his friends!

45. For rehydration

46. So many species of moths can be found here.

47. I spent some time updating stories with him and after my camera battery had fully charged, I went back to my room for a good icy night sleep. And owh, I had some problems charging my netbook... perhaps because of the cold temperature I guess? And as for my Celcom signal can be found here so I could not update my blog. be continued...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Charming Kota Kinabalu Part 3: Tamparuli Hanging Bridge & Pekan Nabalu

Day 1: Part 3 (151011)

...continued from here...

Heading to Kundasang means we have to pass through Tamparuli Town. Tamparuli is famous for it's hanging bridge, Jambatan Tamparuli. It is hanging across heavenly beautiful Tamparuli River. One can use the bridge to go to Tamparuli Wet Market on the other end of the bridge.

1. I asked Hubert to stop the car here...

2. ...because I wanted to experience walking on the famous bridge!

3. I told them to meet me at the other end of the bridge... 

4. This is how the bridge looks like. 

5. Walking further up...

6. And ahhh...breathtaking view of Tamparuli River. Beautiful greenish water. Very nice!
7. The bridge for vehicles. Vehicles need to give way to one another because it is a one-lane only bridge.

8. The other side of the river. 
9. Looking down. Hey, that was me on Tamparuli Hanging Bridge!! ;D

10. Justyle, Hubert and Jane on the middle of the bridge. They joined  me later after parked the car on the other side of the bridge.

11. Enjoying the natural beauty of Tamparuli Town.
12. Approaching the end of the bridge...
13. I entered the wet market to see if there are any rare stuff I can buy before off to KL in the next two days. Yeah..I spotted some... ;D

14. And so did three of them

15. And after a while we drove off again to our destination.

After this, we continued our journey to Kundasang. Not really a long way to go, but sure there are lots and lots of things I can see along the way. Such as the views below...

16. Mount Kinabalu peak hidden by the clouds.

17. Another sight I spotted on the way to Kundasang.

And finally we arrived at Nabalu Town. A small town on a hilly area. With a lookout tower and pineapple sculpture. This town is well known for it's honey sweet pineapples. I did gave myself a taste of Nabalu Town pineapples. Yummy!

18. The lookout tower and pineapple sculpture.
19. Simple signage

20. And yes...we are going up there!

21.  The view from top of the tower...magnificent!

22. Shops selling pineapples and souvenirs. And look at the hilly background!

23. To the left a bit...

24.  And turn 180 degrees for this view...

25.  And this... I envy Nabalu people!

26. And another view to make me jumped excitedly!

27. The levelling
28.  I went down after feeling satisfied with what I witnessed. But it can never be enough no matter how long I was there...
29. And caught this view on the way down...
30. Souvenir shop 

31. The friendly shop owner. 

32. And spend a while at the back of the shop as in picture number 22..

33. And suddenly felt something big grew inside my heart while I saw this. We must get going quick! :D

Then we off again to Kundasang. I suddenly found myself just can't wait any longer to step my feet on the foot of Mount Kinabalu! be continued...