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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Charming Kota Kinabalu Part 1: The Departure of a Single Soul

Day 1: Part 1 (151011)

In fact I visited The Land Below the Wind in October 2011. Quite long time ago huh. And I was supposed to post the entries regarding that journey, latest by mid 2012, but unfortunately I was being flown and drown by super something in my life that finally had made me made a big move in life, thus have to keep this entry pickled to perfection.

Khalas about that.


Back to the story...

This is the first time I traveled alone to KK. Before this I got a bunch of friends traveling to KK together with me. I never had enough of Sabah. Just never had enough. There are a lot things about Sabah that keeps me wanting to go and just go. So this time I traveled alone. Yeah. Alone. Which makes my parents, especially my mum to nag with worries once she knew I was going there alone. But finally I was able to convince them that I'm gonna be alright...because I have friends there. 

1. My flight was scheduled to depart at 0640 so I had to wake up very early in the morning. I arrived at KLIA at about 0545, then said bye bye to my parents and then rushed in to check in. Since I was so much in a rush, I just performed Subuh prayer at an isolated corner in the departure hall. And yes...that is me in the reflection.

2. The boarding pass. 

3. My aircraft
4. The sun just woke up and poked the clouds with its red hue. :)

5. This is my favourite time to fly because I can see the sunrise from the sky. :D
6. I loveeee those clouds!

7. Just like floating giant cotton puff. 

8. This is the first time my darling GF3 brought into a plane. And I still got my chicken brand camera with me. 

9. Makan time! I pre-ordered this nasi goreng with chicken satay when I purchased for my ticket online. For a quick heavy brekkie on the sky, this can be considered yummy!
10. While I was eating, I enjoyed the stunning views of the clouds. Ray of light up on the sky. How nice.... and how lucky I was. :)
11. And after a few minutes, I finished my brekkie. Alhamdulillah.

And not long after...I effectively dozed off.... zzzZZZZZ.... until I suddenly heard the voice of the captain.

(I remember my dad told me that an aircraft system is created to release a sleepy gas to make the passenger fall asleep. Or perhaps I misunderstood my dad with my self explanation while the truth is in fact the pressure of air in the aircraft is reduced to a level that balanced with the pressure of the air outside and it indirectly make people fall asleep? Huhuhu~)

12. I was about there. Yes! Can't wait to smell the air of KK!

13. The plane is lowering down...hitting a thick layer of clouds and...

14. Tadaaaa...we were below the clouds already!

15. Pulau Tiga.  Also known as Survivor Island. Why? Read this!
The smaller rock is Pulau Kalampunian.

16. The giant fan

17. Almost there....almost..



20. Closer look of Pulau Tiga.

21. Hey! Pulau Tiga and the majestic Mount Kinabalu! I can't wait!!! Please ignore the mark on my chicken brand camera sensor. Huhuhu~

22. This is one of the best views I've ever witnessed in my entire life! Subhananallah...
23. Aha...there you are! Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

24. Hello KK.

25. Yey! KK!!!

As I mentioned above, I have a friend in KK. So while waiting for her to fetch me, I bought a cup of white coffee and waited excitedly...


Glad to tell that I was among the last group flied to KK by Firefly's Boeing. Firefly had stopped flying to the Borneo Island, did you know that?

* be continued...


Arjuna Silvera said... [Reply]

flyover pulau tiga twice..circling waiting to land?

nea lopah said... [Reply]

Cantik2 gambar, sedap ke lapar sampai licin nasi goreng tu? hehe

Wak Gelas™ said... [Reply]

fuyooh anak dara makan X bersepah tuuu.., ai laike

Syed said... [Reply]

Lurrrvee the cotton puffs in no. 10. The ray are just amazing!!

CiKPuaNLawA said... [Reply]

nnti gambar sunset jgn lupa...

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]

@Arjuna Silvera

yaaa... i guess so. but an advantage for me though. ;D

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]

@nea lopah

sedap plus lapor sebenonye. hihihi~

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]

@Wak Gelas™

sorang-sorang makan pun takleh la sepah-sepah ye. huhu~

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]


yeay! you picked my favourite tu tau! nice kan?

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]


nanti ada a few sunset photos kite akan taruk. jangan lupa tengok...! ;D

makchaq said... [Reply]

Makchaq pun suka Sabah...