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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Charming Kota Kinabalu Part 2: Tanjung Aru Beach and Shangri La Tanjung Aru Beach Resort & Spa

Day 1: Part 2 (151011)

...continued from here...

Few months before I flew to KK, I told a blogger friend who is residing in Kota Kinabalu about my plan. Sumandak Kinabalu. In fact I needed her help to find me an auto car that I can rent out cheap. But she turned out telling me that I don't need to rent a car because her fiancee (now her husband) can lend his car to us for free!!! But there is one problem; It was a manual car and I cannot drive a manual car!


So I was in fact planning to practice driving my dad's manual car before off to KK, until she told me few days before my flight that I don't need to worry about it anymore. She already has someone to help to drive us around. Cool! (That is better than me trying to drive a manual car on windy hilly road in Kundasang! Heheh...). That made my trip even breezier. And now I was waiting for her to arrive.


She finally arrived with his friend, Hubert. Hey...we did not take even a minute to recognize each other. And what more fun about it was, what's better than exploring Sabah with Sabahan friends?


Khalas about long story-telling. Now back to the talking photos!

1. Sumandak Kinabalu and I. Please friends, call her Jane. She's pretty isn't she? ;D
This is the first place Hubert brought us. Tanjung Aru Beach. 
2. Coincidentally, Stompin Sabah: Borneo Beach Music Festival was held on 14th and 15th of October 2011. I read more about it on the internet and just found out that this was one of the biggest music festivals in Sabah. Cool! 
3. Music enthusiast were practicing for the big show the night.
4. Tanjung Aru Beach in the mid-morning. Perfect for catching up with a friend whom you've just met! ;D

5. Manukan Island from afar, viewed from Tanjung Aru Beach

6. Hawkers selling junk food 
7. Car park for all

And after that we were brought to Shangri La Tanjung Aru Beach Resort and Spa for a quick visit.
8. Well landscaped area at Shangri La Tanjung Aru Beach Resort and Spa.
9. If I spend longer in KK, then I will definitely hangout here for a chit chat with Jane and Hubert!
10. Nice, isn't it? :D
11. Just imagining dipping myself into the infinity pool...!
12. Table decoration
13. Chocolate cake, RM14 per slice.
14. Gorgeous shawl. Trust me I was almost digging my wallet for this!

15. Us, and some of the interesting sculptures decorating the interior of the resort.
16. The layout plan
17. Fish pond. Pink. Nice!
18. Coconut palms (Cocos nucifera) as part of the landscape in the lawn

19. View from the seaside - Tanjung Aru Floating Village, and Mount Kinabalu!!!

20. Turn left and you will see this

21. Turn right again with wider angle view.
It's 11:12am, and we should be heading to Kundasang by now. But before that we have to fetch Hubert's girlfriend, Justyle. Ehem, she's Jane's sister by the way. ;). But we have to wait until she finished working. So perhaps it's about time to find some food (again). This time on the ground of course. I decided to have some simple food with the local touch, so they brought me to taste the grilled fish, with seaweed and umai.

22. They call this ikan Uji Rashid. Taste is OK...

23. If you ever tried Pure Marine Collagen for your beauty routine, this is the secret of their beautiful skin. They serve it with young mango and eat it with rice! Taste is also OK...but next time I must ask for more lime!
24. Umai. Raw fish with young mango, tomatoes, chilies, shallots. Taste gooooood...! 

Alhamdulillah. So now we continued our sightseeing before fetching Justyle somewhere in Inanam? (I could not remember...)

25. KK is so blessed with beautiful sky and seaside... :)

26. A snap from inside the car.

27. Another shot 
Finally we fetched her and stopped at a shop to buy some drinking water and some junk food before continuing our journey to Kundasang.

28. Reverse Osmosis drinking water, Nabalu brand.
29. And re-fueling the car before climbing up the hill.
And...weeeeee..... we come!!!! be continued...


Dinas Aldi said... [Reply]

Sabah is gorgeous dik! Tengok gambaq saja pun dah jatuh chenta. Bila akak nak sampai Sabah ni, adehhh..

Fadilah Aziz said... [Reply]

Mak aii...cake satu slice 14 ringgit..gullpp..
tapi serious semua cantik kat situ:)

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]

@Dinas Aldi

tu lah kak. bukan setakat KK, Kundasang...tempat lain cam Tawau, Tamparuli pun cantik gak. Semporna lagi lah cantik. Subhanallah...!

gadisBunga™ said... [Reply]

@Fadilah Aziz

haha. tak makan pun. saje amik gambo. lalala... ;D

j.u.l.i.e said... [Reply]

rumpai laut tu rasa dia masin2 kan...umai tu kita suka..kalo kt semenanjung ni org pggil kerabu..

Syed said... [Reply]

But why 'Uji Rashid'? I do not see the resemblence.. hehe

makchaq said... [Reply]

1st time pi pantai ni, makchaq nampak 1 group ni dok buat 1 aktiviti apa tah... dengan kepochinya pi tanya.. rupanya depa orang Korea tengah cari kepah.. makchaq dengan kawan pun dengan muka tak malunya minta nak joint depa... walaupun komunikasi guna bahasa isyarat yg lebih kami gigh jugak.....
dapat kepah dekat sebaldi.. pastu teruih kami joint depa bakaq & makan2 kepah tu kat tepi semak...

Entah apa2 punya perangai masa dulu2... nasib tak kena rogol..