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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Charming Kota Kinabalu Part 3: Tamparuli Hanging Bridge & Pekan Nabalu

Day 1: Part 3 (151011)

...continued from here...

Heading to Kundasang means we have to pass through Tamparuli Town. Tamparuli is famous for it's hanging bridge, Jambatan Tamparuli. It is hanging across heavenly beautiful Tamparuli River. One can use the bridge to go to Tamparuli Wet Market on the other end of the bridge.

1. I asked Hubert to stop the car here...

2. ...because I wanted to experience walking on the famous bridge!

3. I told them to meet me at the other end of the bridge... 

4. This is how the bridge looks like. 

5. Walking further up...

6. And ahhh...breathtaking view of Tamparuli River. Beautiful greenish water. Very nice!
7. The bridge for vehicles. Vehicles need to give way to one another because it is a one-lane only bridge.

8. The other side of the river. 
9. Looking down. Hey, that was me on Tamparuli Hanging Bridge!! ;D

10. Justyle, Hubert and Jane on the middle of the bridge. They joined  me later after parked the car on the other side of the bridge.

11. Enjoying the natural beauty of Tamparuli Town.
12. Approaching the end of the bridge...
13. I entered the wet market to see if there are any rare stuff I can buy before off to KL in the next two days. Yeah..I spotted some... ;D

14. And so did three of them

15. And after a while we drove off again to our destination.

After this, we continued our journey to Kundasang. Not really a long way to go, but sure there are lots and lots of things I can see along the way. Such as the views below...

16. Mount Kinabalu peak hidden by the clouds.

17. Another sight I spotted on the way to Kundasang.

And finally we arrived at Nabalu Town. A small town on a hilly area. With a lookout tower and pineapple sculpture. This town is well known for it's honey sweet pineapples. I did gave myself a taste of Nabalu Town pineapples. Yummy!

18. The lookout tower and pineapple sculpture.
19. Simple signage

20. And yes...we are going up there!

21.  The view from top of the tower...magnificent!

22. Shops selling pineapples and souvenirs. And look at the hilly background!

23. To the left a bit...

24.  And turn 180 degrees for this view...

25.  And this... I envy Nabalu people!

26. And another view to make me jumped excitedly!

27. The levelling
28.  I went down after feeling satisfied with what I witnessed. But it can never be enough no matter how long I was there...
29. And caught this view on the way down...
30. Souvenir shop 

31. The friendly shop owner. 

32. And spend a while at the back of the shop as in picture number 22..

33. And suddenly felt something big grew inside my heart while I saw this. We must get going quick! :D

Then we off again to Kundasang. I suddenly found myself just can't wait any longer to step my feet on the foot of Mount Kinabalu! be continued...


Dinas Aldi said... [Reply]

Subhanallah, memang sangat cantik! Terasa sesuatu bila tengok pemandangan gunung ganang bukit bukau tu. Sesuatu.

Fadilah Aziz said... [Reply]

sebelum scroll ke bawah tadi mati mati ingat kereta boleh lalu kat tamparuli bridge tu, kikiki...

j.u.l.i.e said... [Reply]

rindu sabah bah....

Syed said... [Reply]

Last shot tu so nice lah :)

Yunus Badawi said... [Reply]

Nice photos.

Menurut Afifah (kakak Adam yg belajar di UMS) papan2 di atas jambatan Tamparuli yg rosak tu telah digantikan dgn yg baru.

Kami tak berhenti di Nabalu tempoh hari. Mungkin trip akan datang akan singgah di situ sebab terpengaruh dgn gambar dan cerita gb.... hehehe

nea lopah said... [Reply]

Bila lah nealopah nk smpai ke sini agaknye. kalau tak silap ada lagu rakyat jambatan tamparuli kan? hehehe ke jambatan lain?

Mohd Pk said... [Reply]

jejalan tambah info..

Eny Abdullah said... [Reply]

the tamparuli river is so beautiful. so emerald in color!!!

RioAzzaro said... [Reply]

dah 3-4kali ke KK tapi tak sampai lagi di tamparuli...cantik

makchaq said... [Reply]

Makchaq ada ambik gambaq atas jambatan tamparuli...pakai baju kurung ngan kain batik sambil kelek anak....