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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Charming Kota Kinabalu Part 6: Desa Dairy Farm, Kundasang

Day 2: Part 6 (161011)

So we continued our journey to Kundasang's very-New-Zealand-look-alike dairy farm. I've never been to New Zealand yet so to say that it looks very similar might be not true, but this is the place where you can spend 1 or 2 hours spotting for cows with white spots on black or black spots on white or perhaps with no spots at all. We arrived at about 8 am and the farm was just opened, I guess. Sights of cows are hard to find and if there are any, they were all far away from the white wooden fence and is not well snap-able from my short lens Lumix GF3 . Trust me, I had to cross over the boundary fencing to get closer looks and shots of the cows.  

Don't expect to breathe in airy grassy mountainy fresh air when we are here, because the air is filled with smell of cows and cow dung only! But the excitement of spotting cows and the view of green grass with some rocks scattered around and those white wooden fence, and those cotton candy look-alike clouds that seems to float at our eye level or even lower, and the majestic background of Mount Kinabalu made us stayed for hours. In fact I was waiting for the clouds at the peak of Mount Kinabalu to reveal the peak, but that was the only unfortunate thing for us that day. The peak never revealed. And the clouds were getting thicker and that might be the reason for my next visit later on. ;)


Yeay. Cows!

Kundasang strawberries!

Really fresh milk! And taste good...!!!

Cow dung!

Another group of visitors!

 be continued...


dya said... [Reply]

beautiful scenery ...

sepa said... [Reply]

been to Kundasang, back 2004.

cimöt said... [Reply]

serius mcm new zealand laaa...

Syed said... [Reply]

Wow! Simply WOW!!!
What a beautiful place! And you captured them well. Thanks GB for sharing.

I don't mind spending a whole day there. Next i pegi sana, I akan masukkan tmpt ni dlm itinerary :)

Izzan Yong Rosdin said... [Reply]

salam perkenalan, Jemput ke blog saya

makchaq said... [Reply]

Cantiknya nampak ladang lembu ni...

Dulu2 selalu minum susu dari desa cattle ni... masa depa dok promote.. kita boleh order & depa deliver kat office...